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Research Interests

Roles of histone modifications, especially acetylation and methylation, in rice gene expression and development regulation.

Functions of DNA methylation/demethylation enzymes.

Chromatin remodeling factors.

Transcription factors that are of great importance in rice development.

Recent Publications

1.  Hu Y, Qin F, Huang L, Sun Q, Li C, Zhao Y, Zhou DX (2009) Rice histone deacetylase genes display specific expression patterns and developmental functions. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 388: 266-271.

2.  Zhao Y, Hu Y, Dai M, Huang L, Zhou DX (2009) The WUSCHEL-related homeobox gene WOX11 is required to activate shoot-borne crown root development in rice. Plant Cell 21: 736-748

3.  Zhou DX (2009) Regulatory mechanism of histone epigenetic modifications in plants. Epigenetics 4: 15-18

4.  Sun Q, Zhou DX (2009) Rice jmjC domain-containing gene JMJ706 encodes H3K9 demethylase required for floral organ development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105: 13679-13684

5.  Dai M, Hu Y, Ma Q, Zhao Y, Zhou DX (2008) Functional analysis of rice HOMEOBOX4 (Oshox4) gene reveals a negative function in gibberellin responses. Plant Mol Biol. 66: 289-301

6.  Dai M, Hu Y, Zhao Y, Zhou DX (2007) Regulatory Networks Involving YABBY Genes in Rice Shoot Development. Plant Signal Behav. 2: 399-400

7.  Huang L, Sun Q, Qin F, Li C, Zhao Y, Zhou DX (2007) Down-regulation of a SILENT INFORMATION REGULATOR2-related histone deacetylase gene, OsSRT1, induces DNA fragmentation and cell death in rice. Plant Physiol. 144: 1508-1519

8.  Dai M, Zhao Y, Ma Q, Hu Y, Hedden P, Zhang Q, Zhou DX (2007) The rice YABBY1 gene is involved in the feedback regulation of gibberellin metabolism. Plant Physiol. 144:121-133

9.  Dai M, Hu Y, Zhao Y, Liu H, Zhou DX (2007) A WUSCHEL-LIKE HOMEOBOX gene represses a YABBY gene expression required for rice leaf development. Plant Physiol. 144: 380-390


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