余四斌 教授
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His professional research interests are in rice biology, molecular breeding and seed quality control. His current research is focused on identification and cloning of quantitative trait loci (QTL), development of genetic stocks for novel gene discovery and application of molecular markers in rice breeding.
He received his B.Sc. in 1987 and M.Sc in 1990 at Huazhong Agricultural University. Dr. Yu obtained his Doctoral Degree in Plant Genetics and Breeding from the same university, in 1997, under the direction of Professor Zhang Qifa. He got two-year Post Doctoral training at Dr. Li Zhikang's Molecular Biology Laboratory in IRRI. He was employed as a lecturer at the Department of Agronomy of Huazhong Agricultural University in 1990, and promoted to Associate Professor in 1999, and teaches the courses of Quantitative Genetics, Seed Science and Crop Breeding for the graduate and undergraduate students. He is author and co-author of about 30 research papers and book chapters.