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High-density rice EST map

Total 15,657 ESTs were mapped onto the rice chromosomes by BLASTN analysis for homologous rice genomic sequences with known chromosomal locations ( and with a threshold of E value <= 10-5 and overlapping region larger than 40 bp. The latest high-density molecular linkage map (JRGP RFLP 2000) of rice containing 3267 RFLP markers ( was used as the framework map for mapping of the ESTs.

These clone can be obtained for research purpose by sending e-mail requests to professor Q. Zhang.

Click here to see details.

Co-mapping of new rice ESTs and QTLs

About 689 novel ESTs were assigned to the genetic map constructed with the recombinant inbred line population developed from a cross between Zhenshan 97 and Minghui 63. The corresponding relationship of this new ESTs and the QTLs is connected. In this map, the locations of these novel ESTs on the high-density rice EST map are also marked. Thus, the relationship of the QTLs with other ESTs that are only mapped on the high-density EST map presented in our REDB database can be easily determined. Almost all the QTLs detected using the segregation populations developed from the cross between Zhenshan 97 and Minghui 63 are associated with one or more of the novel ESTs or ESTs mapped only on the high-density EST map. These data provide a large number of candidate genes for studying the natures of the QTLs.


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